SINCE 1965


In Taiwan, as to our culture, heritage in business can often been seen. People work hard to build up the town and now developing into counties and cities. The spirit of hard working and trust in each other has become the core value of the development in the old society times, and Chuan Chi inherit that spirit from our ancestors.

In the Japanese Era, Mr. Shiao Chuan is the founder of Chuan Chi . Even though the company was only a small business associating with wood crafting and furniture carpeting, it has set a good base development for Chuan Chi. Passion gave Mr. Shiao Chuan unlimited motivation to develop in wood craft industry.

After Mr. Shiao Chuan passed away, as the eldest son, Mr. Shiao Fu-Gen continued the business with 7 siblings and his mother. This was the time that Chuan Chi was officially registered as Chuan Chi Lumber Co., Ltd. The start up cost was 600 thousand NTD. As in 1965, Taiwan was just in society settlement after war, which a large amount of lumber was needed. Chuan Chi took a great part in the development of the new Taiwan society.

In 1976, Mr. Shiao Kwei-Line joined the family business and continued till now. However, in order to adapt the fast changing society and economy, the operation mode of Chuan Chi started to change into plywood re-seller and imported dried veneer and plywood for the center region of Taiwan. At October of 1996, again, Chuan Chi developed further into an official importer registered with Indonesia. Sales regions expanded to the whole Taiwan and many China mainland areas.

After decades of development, with specialized know-how and team management, Chuan Chi is one of the largest plywood importer in Taiwan, and got in chain with the best plywood manufacturers in the world. Even though Chuan Chi only registered with Indonesia as official importer at October of 1996, but within only 5 years, Chuan Chi became the tops in this industry  with names written all over on the list. The success was obtained from the trust from our customer in our product , management and most of all, our core value. 

At May 2017, Chuan Chi step further into the manufacturing industry for plywood and block board. Two factories consisting one in Kaohsiung and one in Pingtung. New product lines such as green building material, M.I.T, LVL and carbonized series were also developed to further adapt to the market needs.

Chuan Chi truly appreciates all the support from our supplier and consumers, may the success allow us to provide better product and services to our society in the foreseeable future.。

Sourcing Responsibility

Rain Forest - Meranti species are the most popular wood specie used for interior decoration due to the high quality in wood density. As for now, because of the slow growth rate and deforestation control, it is getting harder to source. Most certified firms are mainly from South East Asia, within their rain forests and tropical forest.

Plantation Forest - FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is the most recognizable group for forestry protection and certification. This associates with forest management , which allows a better balance in economic value and environmental protection while we use trees as sources. 

Using plantation forest in combination with forestry management for rain and tropical forest is the most environmental friendly approach. With proper forestry management, forests won't be overly deforested while trees won't grow too old as well. We aim for co-operating with the best environmental protection management while providing quality wood products for all home use.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

In Taiwan, we often say, the most beautiful scenery is people. What you got from the society, you must give more back in return. In terms of environmental protection, our thoughts are always on how to reduce pollution and leave a better society environment for our next generation. Which, we care for how we obtain, produce and use our product.

From ancient till now, we live in a world so called "Big Chuan Chi".  "Chuan" stands for grandpa and "Chi" stands for grandma. This land we step on and the society we live in, is inherited from our ancestors. What they truly gave us, was not only the land nor money, it is all about opportunity. They gave us this "opportunity" to be here and therefore we should pass on this opportunity to our next generation. This is our belief in corporate social responsibility.

Chuan Chi often participate with various charity, donation groups and activities. For example, World Vision, Police department, Fire department, Environmental volunteer, and school etc. We hope, with limited resource we have, we could provide unlimited possibilities for people who need it. This possibility could happen in between you, him/her and I. Helping others is helping oneself. This belief let our team gathers till now.

If there is associating activities that you could share with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let us, together, make the society better.

Quality Responsibility

CNS 1349 - In Taiwan, all announced and regulated products by the government has to apply with CNS regulation. For plywood section, it is CNS 1349. The main aim for CNS 1349 is to examine the formaldehyde level and it has to be in average below F3/ 1.5 p.p.m in order to be able to be distributed to the market..

M.I.T - Chuan Chi participated in year 2014. M.I.T stands for Made In Taiwan. It goes through a series of examination by the third party, including factory management, product quality control and process fully in Taiwan.

Green Building Material - Chuan Chi obtained the certification of GBM in year 2009. The certification was strictly performed both by Taiwan's government regulation and third part certification. It examines the TVOC and Formaldehyde with other 12 contaminating chemicals according to the local environmental condition in Taiwan.

CARB-P2 - CARB stands for California Air Resources Board, also known as Air Resources Board (ARB). The regulation has to do with reducing formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products, hardwood plywood, particleboard and medium density fiberboard . Chuan Chi co-operates with CARB-P2 corporations since year 2009.

Other than above quality control and certification, we also have our own strict production line control. These controls also came with our very own lab examination. Each week, we apply examinations on our products for formaldehyde level by using Spectrophotometer at least.

Future Prospects

What pushes the society to improve is normally by gathering the individual wills to a collective will. Living standards from the old time till now has also came a long way. Chuan Chi got so far also by step by step. What never changed is our core value. We put soul and passion into our wood. The only thing we change is the process, making traditional industry more technology. With technology advancement, we hold onto the heritage and make this traditional will continues into the foreseeable future. 

Our tradition, our core value, our will is the future prospect.。