OE Block Board

Block Board

Best Quality Guarantee, Made In Taiwan.

Using mainly meranti species. With finger joints on the side to combine up wood sticks into a base panel. It has a strong structure able for interior decoration and furniture use. For example, ceiling, floor base, kitchen structure/shaping, and bedding structure/shaping. All block boards are standardized with National Standard of CNS 1349.

Currently, there is a fad of adopting E1 board for system furniture. It is claimed as the highest quality available in Europe as low formaldehyde panel. However E1 is only at Taiwan's F3 National Standard. Our lowest standard starts from F3 up to F1 (USA CARB P2 also available). In other words, our lowest standard is basically higher than general European Standard. Taking one step further, we are also certified into a higher class named as GBM in Taiwan's certification. This could fully meet the requirements of construction standard, TVOC and indoor air quality control.

In terms of water resistant, block board can pass National SGS and CNS1349 lab test. The lab test consists of putting the block board into the boiling water for 4 hours and then into dryer for 20 hours. This has to be done twice without delamination. This proven the capability of block board of being water and moist resistant. In comparison to MDF and HDF, they have higher absorption in water and even bend in shape. It is often mentioned about using laser sealing technology to overcome the disadvantage of MDF/HDF, but if this sealing got accidentally broke by force, there is again, no more protection layer for MDF/HDF. Chuan Chi's block board are standardized with water absorption under 12%, MC under 14%, conforms with SGS examination in accordance to National Standard CNS2215.

The main reason why block board is used widely in the market is because its quality standard and meets most of the National Standard available. For example, wooden screw stability (CNS2215), screw installation strength (ASTM D1037-12), flexural strength (CNS2215), and cohesive strength (CNS2215). When dealing with interior decoration, block board often applies with LVL and metal hardware parts. Therefore, block board plays an important role to make sure smooth installation with metals (as metal and wood has different nature in measures). And also minimum waste can be utilized when cutting and shaping in construction site (unlike system furniture that needs to be custom made before distribution to construction site).

Wood bugs could often be identified into two sections, Monophage are the ones that eats particular one species such as conifer or broad-leaf. Polyphage eats both. What we often see in Taiwan's daily living is Anobiidae, which basically identified as Polyphage. At the times when solid woods are used as materials, often bug ovum would hide in the wood structure and develop no until months or even years. With the advancement of technology, we prevent this kind of chances from happening. When choosing our wood species, red meranti and falcata are naturally with no bug ovum. Secondly, with high pressure and steam heat from the hot press process, bug ovum are also eliminated. Other methods such as adding chemical compounds into the block boards are also widely applied and manufactured according to National Regulation for home use needs.

Resource sustainability, is circle of life. Plantation forests normally has a fast growing pace, and with management, there is a better balance between environment, profit and economic effects. For example, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is one of the most well-knowon group in this section. Renewing the forest allows younger generations of the trees to replace the older trees took place in photosynthesis (CO2 and O2 exchange rate increases). With the planed deforestation, water and soil protection and animal ecology also won't be affected by much. This is why Falcata is widely adopted by U.S.A, Europe, Japan and Korea, and forestry management is also supported widely overseas. Chuan Chi support this value with only one reason, we believe that corporate social responsibility is our main operating core value.

Rain/Tropical Forests normally has its own circle of life, with photosynthesis, CO2 are stabilized into the tree, turning solidification. This suggest that from the process of forest to what we use in daily life, wood is renewable resource. However, this "renewable" isn't by itself, it's by a set of careful management. A lot of times, people overly protect the forest, which over-aging trees will lost its function in solidification and may even start to rotten. Rotten trees not only damages the animal ecology, water-soil sustainability and the government also have to spend more finance and labor. If the rotten woods are classified as waste, and disposal is required, more damage to the environment will be caused. Protecting the environment starts from appreciating the  resources, knowing to utilize the balance between the plantation forest and tropical forest is the best for the environment. Chuan Chi truly appreciates and aims to achieve true resource sustainability.