One of the most traditionally used material.

In Taiwan, plywood is the most traditionally used material when comes to interior decoration. It can provide the best efficiency when comes to the rate of log utilization. Our regular sizes are 1220mm x 2440mm, 915mm x 2135mm and 915mm x 1830mm. Thickness can be adjusted according to rotary cut and cross application. Other than just the regular sizes, Chuan Chi provides bending plywood, film face, container flooring and jumbo sizes for special interior decoration needs.

Currently, there is a fad of adopting E1 board for system furniture. It is claimed as the highest quality available in Europe as low formaldehyde panel. However E1 is only at Taiwan's F3 National Standard. Our lowest standard starts from F3 up to F1 (USA CARB P2 also available). In other words, our lowest standard is basically higher than general European Standard. Taking one step further, we are also certified into a higher class named as GBM in Taiwan's certification. This could fully meet the requirements of construction standard, TVOC and indoor air quality control.

In terms of water resistant, plywood can pass National SGS and CNS1349 lab test. The lab test consists of putting the plywood into the boiling water for 4 hours and then into dryer for 20 hours. This has to be done twice without delamination. This proven the capability of plywood of being water and moist resistant. In comparison to MDF and HDF, they have higher absorption in water and even bend in shape. It is often mentioned about using laser sealing technology to overcome the disadvantage of MDF/HDF, but if this sealing got accidentally broke by force, there is again, no more protection layer for MDF/HDF. Chuan Chi's plywood are standardized with water absorption under 12%, MC under 14%, conforms with SGS examination in accordance to National Standard CNS2215.

The main reason why plywood is used widely in the market is because its quality standard and meets most of the National Standard available. For example, wooden screw stability (CNS2215), screw installation strength (ASTM D1037-12), flexural strength (CNS2215), and cohesive strength (CNS2215). When dealing with interior decoration, plywood often applies with LVL and metal hardware parts. Therefore, plywood plays an important role to make sure smooth installation with metals (as metal and wood has different nature in measures). And also minimum waste can be utilized when cutting and shaping in construction site (unlike system furniture that needs to be custom made before distribution to construction site).