GLUE SPREADER - The spreader is used to apply glue evenly onto the veneer. Applying the correct amount can assure a better quality of the producing plywood and also save unnecessary waste on the cost of glue in long term. Adjusting the rubber and contacting wheels in connection to the number of the revolution can determine the spread amount, speed and viscosity of the glue. 

COLD PRESS MACHINE - Distribute the veneer/short core/ long core that has applied with glue into the machine, cold press with selected pressure for 30 to 45 minutes for pre-laminating.  

HOT PRESS MACHINE - By using steam to heat the metal plate and allow hot press to allow for finalize the state of viscosity.

CUTTING MACHINE - Using the cutting machine to set the length and width for the panel, in Taiwan, normally into 1220mm and 2440mm. 

SANDING MACHINE - Using triple sanding belts to allow smooth and accurate thickness of the panel。

AUTO COLLECTING STAND - Identify, sort and classify the panels and determine if any patching or fix is needed. Could classify into OVL/BTR, UTY, and REJECT.